viernes, 10 de octubre de 2008

Dapacu Masterpieces:

Explore One of Dapacu´s Masterpieces

"Ever changing Masterpieces"

The Cypress” Oil Painting
Circa 2006

Above is the painting in full view. Click on the image to enlarge it and be able to appreciate the amazing details on every part of this amazing masterpiece.
Below are "Zoom" sections of the painting, which each of them could be a painting by itself.
Dapacu´s Love for nature is shown in his Masterpieces, and this one is called The Cypress. A beautiful modern landscape described in a totally new way, in a totally new art, called “Multidimensional Art”.

I have never seen anything similar to this type of art: with such a detail, with such exactitude, with endless figures and ever changing as you observe and explore every part of the painting.

Dapacu : " If you are to keep a Masterpiece all your life or maybe remain for centuries to come, I believe it should be changing and growing with time: I purposely create endless images hidden within the painting, this way, the more you observe the painting, the more you will find. The type and amount of lighting, the angle viewing the painting, the imagination of the viewer, the distance of the viewer to the painting will create different effects, images and sceneries, this way, if you are to keep it for years or be seen by centuries, it will become and "ever changing masterpiece".

It took me a while to be able to appreciate all the details in the painting, the first time I saw the painting it seemed like an impressionist painting from a distance, as I got closer to the painting I started to recognize patterns, new Images, faces, different perspectives and a detail I cannot even believe up to date it could be done all by hand.
Up to date, after nearly one year after seen this piece, I see new figures appear and it seems my brain is getting more use to seen the multiple dimensions of this masterpiece, is a pleasant discovery every day I see it.

Another Masterpiece of Dapacu.

ZOOM: Top left of the painting

ZOOM: Middle Right

ZOOM: Middle Right.

ZOOM: Bottom Right

ZOOM: Middle Left

ZOOM: Middle Top

The images above are in high resolution, I recommend you print your favorite one.

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